"Laugh for the Health of It!"

      Marlene was the first person to introduce Laughter Yoga in the St. Louis area. She started the St. Louis Laughter Club in 2005 as a personal experiment to tap positive emotions in her own life and to create a healing laughter community.  The Club is ongoing and open to anyone interested.
    Laughter yoga is a way of learning to laugh for no reason to achieve some of the physical and psychological benefits of sustained and hearty laughter.   It involves simple laughter "exercises" and deep breathing and is adaptable for people of all ages and ability levels. 

   Marlene is a registered nurse and a certified laughter yoga teacher. She loves to share the power of laughter with groups of all ages and types. For programs contact Marlene at:


Welcome to Laughter Yoga St. Louis with Marlene Chertok

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The photo at right was taken in April, 2010 at the Chicago Laughter Yoga teacher training (after six years of laughter yoga)!