Laugh for Health, Joy and Healing - and FUN!



Laugh for the Health of It! Laughter Yoga

Marlene Chertok has been teaching and practicing laughter yoga since 2004.  She began exploring the health benefits of laughter for her own health and healing following cancer and while working to regain her own wellness.   Turned out there really is something to it!  Laughter boosts the immune system and is a terrific stress buster.  

Laughter Yoga was developed in India 24 years ago by Dr Madan Kataria, an Indian physician as a way to help people to laugh and play more.   It consists of learning to laugh as an "exercise" and alternates with deep breathing exercises.  There is also some very light and easy stretching exercises.  It is very accessible to most ability levels but adapts  well for many  disability levels.  

Marlene has had a wonderful time sharing laughter presentations around

 the St Louis community for the last 15 years.  She has personally experienced the challenges and joy of finding her own laughter and playfulness again.  Marlene has been a popular presenter of laughter programs in the community.  Word of mouth has been her best promotion.   Marlene is a retired nurse and loves to share the power of laughter - the best medicine!  


St Louis Laughter Club meets every Sunday at 4 PM at Eliot Unitarian Chapel in Kirkwood, Missouri.  It is a place to laugh and play and find your joy - even and especially, if it has been a long time since you laughed.  Stressed out?  Laughter Club is a great place to release the stress of the week in a positive way! The laughter club is a place to bring laughter back into your life.  It takes practice -  regular attendance provides the most benefit but people are welcome to attend whenever they can.  

Wear comfortable clothes and you may want to bring a yoga mat.  No yoga poses are done. Emphasis is on laughter exercises and deep breathing from yoga.  Relaxation is done at the end.     A small donation is requested to cover rent expenses.  

   Although there is no traditional yoga in laughter yoga, Marlene is a practitioner of traditional yoga,  Qigong and meditation.   

  For more details, contact Marlene at  Bring an open mind and a willingness to try something new! 


"Laughter yoga raises your spirits and puts a smile on your face.  It helps you to not take yourself so seriously. "

                 David, laughter club attendee since 2004. 

"Laughter yoga has made me a better person!"   Aya 

"Laughter yoga heals invisible wounds"  Debra

"To me, the best part of laughter yoga is not the health benefits or the aerobic side of it but it is the magical, almost instant, bond that it creates between people.  People from different ages, socio-economic backgrounds, race, religion, gender, etc.  It really cuts across in such a way that I have never experienced something like this at play before.  Toddlers and young kids experience that but it is not accessible for teenagers and adults."    Christian Marzos 

I wanted to thank you so much for coming and exposing us to the idea of laughter yoga! I am so happy we came across your website because this is such an incredible tool that is not known by many people. The things you are doing are really incredible! 

Our class was so much fun, and everyone had such a good time! Of the people I talked to, everyone said they would definitely do laughter yoga again. They had so much fun, laughed so hard, and relieved lots of stress all while working on their positive mindsets! I also received a video from my friends laughing when they got stuck at a red light, so I think our class has been using some of the techniques you taught us!

Thanks again, and keep laughing!

Molly Clifford and Delta Gamma Sorority